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Salmon fishing


Season 2019: 01.07 – 31.08.

From 2016, sea trouts is also a part of the quota.

Bag limit: 1 fish per day and 3 fishes per season.

Quota of 3 fish per season.

Catch and release is recommended.

All unharmed salmons larger than 65 cm as well as all unharmed female salmons must be released.

Due to the rotenone treatment of the river in 2004, there is introduced quota restrictions. And we remind you of the necessity of disinfecting all your fishing equipment. Please contact us for more information.

The salmon parasite G. Salaris has been an unwelcome presence in Norwegian rivers for more than 40 years.  The parasite was discovered in many rivers in the period 1975-79. Read more>>>

Fishing licences are available on the net at iNatur, at Korgen Camping and at  Korgen Vertshus tlf.: 751 97 200 eller 909 95 945

License Time Price
24-hour 24-hour license NOK 350,- per 24 hours
1 week Week license NOK 1100,- per week
Season Season license NOK 3500,- per season