At Korgen Camping we have plenty of space which makes it easy to comply with the distance rules. We do also have good cleaning routines, so here you can stay safely.The camp site is open 24 hours a day, allowing you to check in whenever you want and then meet us for card payment during the reception’s opening hours in the evening. The staff lives on site and can be reached at tel. +4747374978. ❤️

In addition to the large cabins that are open all year round, small cabins, communal kitchen and sanitary facilities are available in the period 1 June – 10 September. Due to the Corona situation, we will appreciate it if our caravan and motorhome guests can use their own toilet and shower. This way the pressure at the sanitary building as well as the danger of contagion will be reduced. The camp site has an emptying station for chemical toilet.Korgen Camping always has a strong focus on cleaning routines. Now, however, we will increase this effort with even more frequent cleaning in addition to disinfection as needed.We encourage all our guests to good hand hygiene, where regular hand washing with soap and water is most important. Disinfection stations are available in the reception, at the sanitary building as well as at the communal kitchen. We strongly encourage everyone to follow the authorities’ guidelines when it comes to infection control. Take good care of each other ❤️

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