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Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing

River Røssåga

Fly Fishing in Korgen Fiskecamp Norway

The river Røssåga, meandering through the village of Korgen is a very good salmon and sea trout river. It has been known for its large salmon of very high quality. Although much has changed since the “good old days,” when English aristocrats were fishing here, one can still catch salmons up to 20 kg.

Korgen Camping,located idyllically right by the river, disposes a separate, easily accessible and well organized fishing stretch.

Kaffepause på Breigrunn

The owners have made a considerable effort to make the beat easily accessible, and this stretch is therefore eminently suitable for spinning and fly fishing. There is an exclusive fly fishing zone and two log shelters with fireplaces.

In the “old days,” when the English lords fished here, one could catch salmon up to 25 kg, and still today, the river offers an occasional big catch. Most salmon being caught today, however, lies between 5 and 12 kg, while the trouts usually is between 2 and 10 kg.

In the ’70s the river Røssåga, as most rivers in North of Norway, was infected with the salmon parasite Gyrodactylus Salaries. More info about the infection can be found here  and here.

After the rotenone treatment of the river in 2003 and 2004, there was introduced strict quota regulation and control. This is to help the salmon population to reestablished as quickly as possible. It is also introduced a requirement for disinfection of all equipment. Catch-and-release is recommended.

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Fishing regulations

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Only lures and flies are allowed, but not so-called spin fly.

We strongly recommend not to use more than two-hooked lures and flies. We also recommend squeezing the barbs on both lures and flies in the interests of the catch-and-release.

It is required to disinfect all the equipment used in the river. Disinfection equipment is found by the reception at Korgen Camping.

Please contact us for more information. Korgen Camping 473 74 978

Fishing regulations

Quota 1 fish per 24 hours, salmon or trout.

Quota of a total of 3 fishes per season.

All unharmed salmon over 65 cm as well as all unharmed female salmon  must be released again.

Catch report Elveguiden.no

Catch report must be delivered daily, preferably at Elveguiden.

Total Catch Report

Here is an overall catch report for salmon and trout caught at Korgen Camping’s stretch.